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Knowing Shih Tzu Cuts

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Sometimes when you look at a Shih Tzu cut you wonder if that hair cut represents the personality and preferences of the owner or the dog. If you spend enough time with your Shih Tzu you will start to see their own little personality coming through and since they are the ones that have to wear the hair cut then maybe the hair cut should represent them a little as well as it represents you.

You do have some standard rules that need to be followed when it comes to grooming your Shih Tzu and these have to be followed because they affect your dog's health. Always keep the hair around the eyes trimmed as long hair in the eyes drives a Shih Tzu crazy and can cause an unhealthy infection. Keep the hair short in the summer and long in the winter to help avoid any unnecessary exposure to the elements. The long hair may look great in July but it is unhealthy for your dog.

The Internet is probably one of the best research tools in the world and you can use it to help with your Shih Tzu cut. You can search through sites hosted by regular Shih Tzu owners to see the ideas that are being used by owners just like yourself. You can also check out the sites of professional groomers and not only get ideas for your dog but maybe you can also find a professional to work on your dog.

There is no computer software that will let you preview a Shih Tzu cut on your dog so make sure you take the time to really look pictures over before you start cutting your dog's hair. The hair on a Shih Tzu grows fast but they still have to live with a bad cut for a while so make sure of what you really want on your dog by planning it out somehow before you actually start putting scissors to your dog's hair.

Did you know that your Shih Tzu dog's coat is made up of hair like a human instead of fur like any other breed of dog? This is way Shih Tzu cuts are so popular. The reason you may want to consider blow-drying your dog's hair is to prevent matting and clumping. Just start at the back of your dog with low heat and move towards the front. Always brush the areas you are drying to prevent matting, as this is unhealthy for your dog.

It is very difficult to sometimes admit that someone else can do a better job than we can and it can also be difficult to have to pay that person to do the job. But when it comes to your Shih Tzu cut you may want to consider a professional. A professional will take great care of your dog and even have some very good ideas for your Shih Tzu cut that you may have never thought of. Plus your dog would probably love being pampered once a month.

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