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Tri Tronics Dog Collar Review

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Tri Tronics is truly a pioneer in the dog training and dog collar world. They were the first company to start selling electric collars decades ago and today remain one of the strongest brands in the world for dog training products.

There are several different areas where Tri Tronics sets itself apart as far as quality and service:

- Sturdiness. Tri-tronics bread and butter client is the dog owner who uses their dogs to hunt. As such a Tri Tronics collar needs to be sturdy. Their collars are able to stand up to some of the toughest abuse a day hunting in a wet marsh can dish out. Collars are water proof and over the years the technology has advanced to the point where you can give the collar just about any jarring hit or bump and it will be fine.

- Warranty. Tri Tronics has the best warranty in the industry. They are willing to fix just about any problem your collar has. When you buy a Tri-Tronics collar you can rest happy knowing that you have a quality product backed up by a company that takes care of its customers.

- Innovation. Many e-collar companies just wait to see what other companies put out and then copy it. Tri Tronics has several engineers on staff to make sure that their products continue improving.

- Variety. There are a number of products available from the Tri-tronics line of electric collars and remote trainers. Want to train your dog for hunting, obedience, Schutzhund, agility, or behavior modification? They have the right collar for you. Their bark collar is also the best tool around for halting an excessively barking dog.

When you go to purchase an e-collar, shock collar, electric collar, or remote trainer you can't go wrong with the Tri-Tronics brand.

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