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1: Understanding the Many Moods of Your Puppy
Your puppy communicates in more ways than you might think. There is much more to a puppy's communication skills than just barking or wagging his tail. Your puppy has a variety of ways to express all of his moods. Your puppy can communicate with all parts of his body, and understanding some of what he is trying to say makes for a much happier relationship with your puppy.

2: Tri Tronics Dog Collar Review
Tri Tronics is truly a pioneer in the dog training and dog collar world. They were the first company to start selling electric collars decades ago and today remain one of the strongest brands in the world for dog training products.

3: Buying a Chihuahua Puppy
Chihuahua the big dog in a small body! Maybe you have done some very serious thinking and decided to get a chihuahua puppy? Well here is a few steps that I would like you to read and think about until your new chihuahua puppy arrives!

4: Knowing Shih Tzu Cuts
Sometimes when you look at a Shih Tzu cut you wonder if that hair cut represents the personality and preferences of the owner or the dog. If you spend enough time with your Shih Tzu you will start to see their own little personality coming through and since they are the ones that have to wear the hair cut then maybe the hair cut should represent them a little as well as it represents you.

5: How Important It Is To Have A Well Behaved Dog
The following extract from the dog training course talks about how the dog is trained for free heeling command. "When you take the leash off, remember the following:

6: Heartworm - It can be Prevented!
Pet owners everywhere know that their pets are almost as much a part of the family as anyone else; in fact single people and couples with no children often regard the family pet as an acceptable substitute. It is no wonder that we do all that we can in order to ensure a long life and good health for our animal companions.