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Buying a Chihuahua Puppy

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Chihuahua the big dog in a small body! Maybe you have done some very serious thinking and decided to get a chihuahua puppy? Well here is a few steps that I would like you to read and think about until your new chihuahua puppy arrives!

As you might already know the chihuahua must be at least 8 weeks old before he can leave the breeder and enter the new home of yours. So you have plenty of time to prepare.

First of all there are several equipments that I recommend that you purchase, non are really expensive but very important.

* Bed and beddings

* Crate/carrier (for traveling)

* Bowls * Collar and lead

* ID (when your puppy is ready to go outside its good to have some form of identification tag in case the dog would disappear

* Grooming gear and comb (especially for long-coated chihuahuas)

* Toys

* Dog food

The first months this very tiny chihuahua puppy will need full attention, for a full time worker who cannot take free time for a month or two i advice you to think again before getting a chihuahua. Don't think that you could bring your new puppy to work or leave him with some friends, its very important that in the first months the puppy can get to know you and his/her new home and feel secure.

Remember to get the right insurance for your chihuahua, so it will be insured the day he/she becomes yours.

These are the few things i advice you to think of before buying your chihuahua, but of course there are still a lot to learn about chihuahuas and there are plenty of articles and books out there! so go search for them and keep studying!

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